A Personalized Horoscope is a snapshot of the planets in the sky the moment you were born and is unique to the individual. Astrology can tell you about Your Past, Present and Future. Your personal Horoscope will guide you to success with Love, Career, Vocation and long term relationships.

This is your G.P.S to the most successful life you can achieve.Astrology teaches us AS ABOVE/SO BELOW, in other words the moving planets in the sky effect man on Earth.

Celebrity Horoscopes are examples of my work. My customized readings are precise, entertaining and make a wonderful gift.

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"Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do!"

J Paul Getty the first billionaire.                                                                           

Lady Ruby's Astro Mojo



Lady Ruby's Astro Mojo

Your G.P.S. for a successful life. Astrologer 

Premium astrology charts and reports,

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​Celebrity Horoscopes and birth charts

I see everything.....

A personal Horoscope reading is something everyone should have on their bucket list.


Celebrity Horoscopes and Birth Charts

Your Celestial G.P.S for a successful life!

Astrology for the real world.

Your G.P.S for a successful life

  Astrology teaches us AS ABOVE/SO BELOW,

in other words the moving planets in the sky effect man on Earth. 

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Celebrity Horoscopes Birth charts

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