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The Best Astrologer for you

Finding the best Astrologer for you can change your life forever. Your personal horoscope astrology can open your eyes to new opportunities you may otherwise miss. I cast several charts for every consultation.

These include your Natal chart, both Western and Hindu methods are used along with Progressions, Solar return and current planetary transits. Also I look at major aspects, upcoming eclipses, retrograde planets and your Part of Fortune. I personally analyze each chart using my years of experience, as well as all my metaphysical resources that include over one hundred professional Astrology textbooks.

Most private readings with a Astrologer can cost over one hundred dollars, however I offer my services to you for a special price. Readings will be delivered to your email usually within a few days or less. A private Horoscope reading makes a unique and thoughtful gift.

“You were born under a charitable star”,

from All’s Well That Ends Well 

William Shakespeare 

HoroscopeAstrology, Numerology, Future, Fortune and Fame

HoroscopeAstrology and Numerology readings are predictions of your future, love, fortune, fame, success and future events. Horoscope readings, Astrology and FREE Numerology readings can help you find love, choose or enhance your career, make more money, improve your love life and wellness. A personal Horoscope reading points to your future love, your best career choices, the best places for you to live, when to take action for success and possible fame. More than entertainment, it is your G.P.S. for success.​​

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How do you get a private Horoscope reading?

AstroMojo Horoscope readings and Astrology. Your personal Horoscope will be sent to your email, horoscope online with Skype and Horoscope readings in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. I can help you with matters of love, career and event timing. Explore your past, present and future. Personal Horoscopes and Astrology make a wonderful gift. Order yours today.


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