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BLACK FRIDAY  SALE on 2016 Horoscope Reports, get two years for the price of one now until Cyber Monday only. In-depth readings with Psychic, Tarot Card Reader and Astrologer Lisa Paron will guide you and open your eyes to new opportunities for your advancement through life. I offer in-depth  Card reading,  In-depth Readings  for guidance using Intuitive Astrology to enhance my gift. In-depth Guidance readings can focus on important matters such as your love life, relationship or career issues. My Psychic abilities first started to develop when I was five years old.  I have practiced many methods of divination to develop my ESP and Clairvoyant abilities. Local and International, I can connect remotely and have worldwide clients who are repeat customers. Check out my Reviews here. I can tune in to you anywhere in the world. I specialize in predictive astrology and in-depth readings to help you with all matters of love, romance, career and event timing. Plan the perfect wedding, lucky day to open a business, launch a website or get help with career choices. Make the most of your future. What Career is right for you? My Guidance readings will help you get the answers you need and have a better understanding of your situation. I am here to help, let me be your light.

This is your G.P.S for success in life. Check out my BLOG for astrology articles. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Worldwide Psychic Lisa Paron


Daily Stars, Card Reading and predictions

Check out  Daily Stars  predictions for 2016 for weekly general astrology. Psychic readings and fortune telling with  Card Reading is a prediction of your future, love, fortune, fame and success.    

A personal Horoscope reading by Thunder Bay Astrologer Lisa Paron points to your future love, your best career choices, the best day to marry, places for you to live, when to take action for success and possible fame.

Personal astrology is much more than entertainment, it is your G.P.S. for success​ in life. Your lucky Stars.

Get your Astro Mojo working and take a look at the future. Psychic Readings  Free Prediction 

In-depth Readings 

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