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What can astrology do for you?

Personal Astrology can reveal details about your past, present, future as well as improve wellness. This information can enrich your relationships, enhance your career and guide you towards a better quality of life. Your astrological G.P.S for Success. This is real Astrology, individualized for each and everyone, no two charts are exactly alike.

The Horoscope wheel

Your astrology natal chart or horoscope is divided into 12 sections, called Houses, each one representing a different part of one's life. Astrologists use all the planets in our solar system including Pluto and asteroids to cast a chart. There are 12 Signs in the Zodiac. The combination of potential planets, signs and houses is endless. Someone born in the morning for example will have different planetary positions in their chart and someone born in the afternoon or evening. This is why an Astrology Reading is so unique to the individual and no comparison to reading your horoscope in a magazine.

Your Sun sign is only the beginning. Individual personality traits, life patterns, best vocation, wealth potential, love prospects, the best day to marry or start a business, can all be determined by analyzing and interpreting the chart. The Natal or (birth chart), is also used in reference to forecast future events, seize opportunities, improve relationships and to be ready for challenges in life. Real Astrology also uses the exact time and place where you were born to determine your ascendant, which is a more accurate indicator of the real you than your Sun sign will ever be. 

Super Moon

A Super moon is when the Moon is closest to the Earth in distance on it's elliptical orbit making it appear larger than normal. The Moon affects the tides of the oceans and larger bodies of water here on Earth. Tides are effected the most when there is a Full moon, especially a  Super Moon. The term Super Moon was first coined by Astrologer Richard Nolle in the 1970's. It is very interesting how the Moon effects the emotions of people, especially during New or Full moons, we are made up of 90% water after all.โ€‹โ€‹

To the Skeptics

Personal Astrology has worked for thousands of years and is still popular today as a method of prediction along with psychics. Astrology in used by millions of people in the west and east. India is used daily by the majority of the population. Many of mankind's most influential and successful people throughout history have all used astrology. In ancient Babylon, Astrology was one of the only sciences. Astrology was a required course for medical schools of the 1800's. Not seeing something does not discredit it, after all we know gravity works even though we cannot see it. Eighteen century mainstream society didn't want to believe tiny organisms called bacteria can harm us. With all of mankind's advancements, we still don't know how to cure the common cold.

Modern scientists spend billions of dollars each year researching phenomenon like dark matter and black holes, things that you can't see or prove they exist. Many radical ideas throughout our history have turned out to be true. Not understanding how or why something works is nothing more than a lack of education. I say again to the skeptics, astrology readings have been used successfully for thousands of years by many societies throughout history as an accurate tool to foretell the future. How is astrology used today? You will never know unless you actually try it for yourself.โ€‹

What Astrology isโ€‹โ€‹

โ€‹Astrology is an ancient concept of forecasting the future. Astrology has been utilized for over 6000 years. In it's simplest form, Astrology is the idea "As Above, So Below". That the Planets in the sky, influence our lives and events here on earth. Horoscopes are a snapshot of the Planets, the exact moment and location where you were born. Your horoscope is unique to you, it is your personal horoscope and planetary road map of life. This information is calculated by Astrologers as the base to cast a Birth chart, Horoscope or Zodiac wheel. 


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It is your destiny.

It is written in the stars.

The Pyramid's

Only through mankind's evolution have we been able to understand some of life's mysteries, some have taken centuries to finally have there secrets revealed. For instance, we still do not know exactly when the Great Pyramid of Giza was built, or how for that matter. Some Egyptologists believe it was constructed for the Pharaoh Khafra around 2500 BC. Archaeologists come up with new theories often, recently suggesting that the Sphinx is much older than originally believed and may have had it's head reshaped. On a episode of Nova in the spring of 2014, archaeologists suggested that the sphinx's head was originally the shape of a lion. The Sphinx faces the constellation Leo, while the pyramids are directly aligned with Orion. It was theorized that the sphinx was actually built during the 'age of Leo', which would make it much older than originally thought.

This would actually then date it to approximately 10900-8700 BC. Perhaps the riddle of the Sphinx will always remain a mystery., astro, mojo, astrology, horoscope, astrology reading, online card reading, psychic readings, tarot, card reading

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