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Birth Report

Birth Chart Reports are like a photo of the stars at the moment you were born. A Birth Chart Report is an accurate method of character analysis using the ancient science of Astrology and is also used as a basis for predictions. Birth Chart Reports reveal personality traits, your unique talents and your life's potential. A Birth Chart Report is a deep psychological investigation the true you, your inner psyche and was a method used by Carl Jung in psychoanalysis. The planetary positions on the day, month, time and location of your birth are used to cast your Horoscope. Learn your personal planetary signs, positions, houses, how others really see you, your talents, challenging areas in your life as well as understand repetitive patterns. Excellent to improve your life and just wonderful for babies or children.

A Birth Report has information to help parents encourage children towards natural talents that will help shape their lives through interactions with others, emotional needs, learning curves and eventually college, university, career and life partners. You can save your child's Birth Report to give to them when they are old enough to appreciate it. A Birth Report is also a wonderful guide for people curious or confused about being an Indigo, possessing psychic abilities, spiritual matters, or even their sexuality. Purchase Below

Horoscope Reports are a great way to try Astrology if you are not ready for a Full Astrology Reading from me where I go over the your major aspects, transiting planets, eclipse's, planet retrogrades, progression and solar activity touching you. 

My Horoscope Reports are generated using a combination of 3 of the worlds best professional astrology software. My Horoscope Reports are unique to this website and you will not find these custom Astrology Reports anywhere else on the Internet. 

Birth chart options: straight or gay horoscopes for gay men and lesbians. 

Birth Reports available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Norwegian and Japanese.

Birth Report includes a copy of your Birth chart.