Astrologer Lisa Paron

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​​​​​​​​​​Goddess Guidance 

Card Reading​​

​​Card Reading is a tool of divination.ONLINE TAROT, EMAIL READINGS, IN-DEPTH ASTROLOGY READINGS, ONLINE TAROT, ANGEL CARDS, FAIRY CARD, ORACLE CARDSare available for Purchase on the Link below. Online Card Readings include a picture of your cards personally drawn by me as well as my predictions about your situation. Email Card Reading is delivered to your email usually within 3 days. Cards can give you spiritual guidance in a general way. A Card Reading can reveal your past, present and your future.Choose a Card Reading below toPurchase 

I do not have to be with you in person to connect with you, I can connect remotely and have international clients who are repeat customers. Local and International, I can tune in to you anywhere in the world.Choose the deck you feel drawn to and ask a question. ​Email Readings will includean answer to your question, an explanation of each card, an interpretation of your situation, a photo of your cards. Online Tarot Card Reading, Fairy Card and Oracle Cards start at only $25.00 CAD

Predictions made with an In Depth Astrology Reading can give you much more insight such as timing as well as the most accurate and precise information.