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Compatibility Report 

Compatibility Report 2017, Compatibility Report 2017 for lovers, relationships and couples. Your Compatibility Report will reveal the basic nature of your relationship with an existing or potential lover, friend or roommate. A Compatibility Report provides guidance as well as reveals the good, the bad and the ugly between a couple. A Compatibility Report compares both Birth Charts, Transits and Major aspects to evaluate your relationship for love and friendship. Compatibility Report can help you improve your relationship, see if longevity and happiness are in the stars. A Compatibility Report is excellent if you are getting married, want to enhance your existing relationship and sex life.Purchase Below

Deluxe Report $50.00 CAD ($38 US) or Mini Compare 2 People for $35 CAD ($26 US) or Mini Compare 3 People for $50 CAD ($38 US) 

My Compatibility Report is a great way to try Astrology if you are not ready for a Full Astrology Reading from me where I go over the all the major aspects, transiting planets, eclipse's, planet retrogrades, progression and solar activity touching you and 1 or 2 potential partners compatibility. Mini Compatibility Report available in English, Spanish, French, German and Norwegian.