Crystal Reading 2017 💎Crystal Talismans and Flowers

​Crystal Readings 2017, Crystal Talismans and Flowers, Crystal Gemstones and flower essences have been used for thousands of years to improve one's well-being, happiness and luck. The ancient Egyptians believed crystals to be extremely powerful and Cleopatra herself was known to love the precious Lapis Lazuli. Known as one of the most beautiful women in the ancient world, Cleopatra bathed daily with special blends and oils made from flowers from Egypt as well as other regions around the world.

My Crystal gemstone and flower Reading is a metaphysical tool that uses a blend of astrology, crystals, flower essences, elixirs, color and aromatherapy to help you release negativity and habits that no longer serve you. The information provided is soothing and helps you reboot your life. Once you have cut the cords to negativity you can move on to a more positive path. Cleanse your aura and align your chakras so you are ready to except positive vibrations, abundance and light. Purchase Below.

You will get a detailed list of your personal birth horoscope, crystal talismans and herbal remedies to work beneficially with your personal planets. This will help you manage challenging aspects in your horoscope, re-align planetary imbalances or difficulties that slow your progress. This can help you overcome that tired or drained feeling and give you a new refreshed feel or vibe about life. Once you have a realigned your vibrational energy you will notice circumstances in your life begin to get easier, you feel more energetic and optimistic as well as having a wonderful feeling of harmony, balance and well being in your life., astro, mojo, astrology, horoscope, astrology reading, online card reading, psychic readings, tarot, card reading
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