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June 2017 Astrology Forecast  Astro Mojo

Weekend Horoscopes June 26-30th, 2017, Activity and Magic
The beautiful planetary energy on Monday of Mars and Neptune is a wonderful way to start the week. This is a fantastic time to express your creativity through music, writing or art. This is also a wonderful time to take photographs or follow spiritual pursuits. There is an ancient astrology lucky star with the moon and Venus that could bring love and romance your way.

Tuesday is a bit of a challenge with promising more than you are able to deliver or you or someone you know could be overly optimistic about someone or a situation. The evening you will be inspired to create beautiful things and someone may come to you asking for advice. The Moon enters Virgo in the evening which opens a time that is excellent to organize, attend to health matters and improve situations in your life. This is an excellent time to get rid of things that you aren't using anymore by removing the clutter in your living environment.

You will want to take your time on Wednesday due to a combination of unusual planets influencing each other. One of the biggest factors for the day is mercury beside Mars in the sky in the sign of emotional cancer. Tempers could flare up suddenly and emotions will be on extreme mode. Take care driving and watch for incidents of road rage.

Thursday is not so hot either for communications due to Mercury in a challenging way with Pluto. The planetary energies could bring up resentment, jealousy or green eyed envy. It's possible someone will blurt out a secret about you or you discover someone's been talking behind your back. Try to remain calm and realize this is of a passing nature and will be over in a day or two.

On Friday the Moon enters the more balanced their sign of Libra ♎️ and will bring stability and harmony into our lives. The next few days are excellent for improving relationships, communicating with each other in a gentle and loving way as well as seeing situations fairly.

Secrets to Success Zodiac Signs-Crystals for Zodiac signs

Fire Signs 🔥 of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius can benefit the most by taking their time with speech, think carefully before blurting out your opinion and take your time with decisions or whatever it is you are doing. There is no need to rush or get uptight but you may be feeling like you are on overload which could cause you to be accident prone. Wear or carry a Crystal gemstone amulet or talisman of Black Onyx for grounding, helping you take your time and protection from those little toes stubs.

Earth Signs 🌎 of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn can benefit the most by making improvements to your health and your job situation. This is an excellent time to give up a self-defeating or toxic habit and to be noticed favourably at work. Meditate with a crystal gemstones sphere made of Tigers Eye to help you gain strength and determination as well as help you get noticed favourably at work.

Air Signs 🌪 of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius can benefit the most by keeping true to their easy-going air elements. Things should be going pretty smoothly by now and it is best just to let the universe unfold naturally. Go with the flow and all the good things in life will gravitate to you. If you really want to kick it up a notch, wear or carry a Crystal gemstone 💎 amulet or talisman of the meteorite Moldavite give a jumpstart to your luck.Water Signs 💧 of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces can benefit the most by not becoming too overwhelmed emotionally by people and situations. It is better to get through the last week of June with a calm outlook on life. Wear a Crystal gem stone amulet or carry a talisman of Blue Laced Agate to help you remain calm and bring harmony into your life.

The Stars have spoken. )O(

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January 2017 predictions that I made. On the 10th the Sun is inhospitable with Uranus in Aries and produces some unstable as well as unpredictable energy. Watch for world news at or around this time of severe weather, including lightning, earthquakes and volcanoes.

On the 18th when Mars makes a challenging angle with Jupiter in Libra as well as on the 19th when Mars squares Saturn in Sagittarius. These two days will be extremely challenging with a window of opportunity for severe conflict. On a global scale watch for world news of riots, violence and conflict. This unfortunately could be another time period marked by severe weather, war zones or terrorism. I also believe there will be unrest, anger and violence in the United States surrounding the inauguration of President elect Trump. Mr. Trump's natal Pluto is under a bombardment of nasty aspects at the moment as well as he has Mars and Uranus surrounding his 8th house in his birth chart.

Trump’s inauguration could start a new wave of outbursts, friction, anger, protests and division in the United States. There is a lot of negative astrological energy which points to an anger fueled day that will set the tone for the year. There is the possibility that somehow he will not be inaugurated after all or controversy will surround his win as the celestial energy is quite unstable indeed. This Energy will build and be activated by the upcoming solar eclipse later in August 2017 which happens to have its path clear across the middle of the United States dividing it into two sections. So please everyone take care.

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