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Accurate Predictions I have made in 2016-The Pittsburgh Penguins to win the 2016 Stanley Cup, Leonardo DiCaprio to win the Oscar for Best Actor. 2015-Kate Middleton to have a girl and name her Diana. Justin Trudeau to become Prime Minister of Canada, The Kansas City Royals to win the World Series 2015

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January 2017 Stars 

January 2017 Monthly Stars and Crystal
January 2017 monthly stars for all sun signs of the zodiac. Monthly stars and Crystal is an astrology forecast and Crystal recommendation for all Sun signs.  I will tell how the stars moving in the sky are influencing people and events around the world as well as monthly horoscope advice for everyone for Aries to Pisces for the month of January 2017. Watch my general forecast first for lucky dates in January for love, romance, lucky opportunities and career advice. Then you can watch you’re Sun, Moon and Ascendant sign for more insight and information. You'll want to get a pen and paper handy to write down these dates or even better circle these dates on the calendar. Happy New Year 2017.

The Sun is in the earthy sign of Capricorn until the 19th. The Sun in Capricorn is generally a time when people are more serious about life. They are concentrated on work, progress and how to get ahead. Over the first few weeks of January people will be focussed on work, money and how to make more of it. They may be looking for a steady line of work and this is favourable time to make a good impression. Get out there and be seen by the right people in the right places. Others will be re-evaluating the way they spend money and will have a more mature outlook on their finances as well as how to make them grow in the future. Sun in Capricorn is mature, stable energy enabling us with a strong desire to succeed and reach the top. Just like the goat that represents the sign of Capricorn, they will stop at nothing to reach the top of the mountain. You can too.

Now that being said, 2017 for the most part is an easier year to endure than the previous couple of years have been. However 2017 does sort of start off a little wobbly on January 1 with Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces. People can feel sort of in a haze or a fog and maybe feeling a little strange psychologically. This might not necessarily be from party favours and alcohol consumed during New Year's Eve the night before. This can be a confusing, irritable and perhaps chaotic day or two for people in general but especially for Pisces or other water signs of Cancer and Scorpio. Be very careful with all drugs and alcohol or anything that you are consuming. Watch out for liars, cheats, con artists, thieves and scammers. 

This can be a time when we hear world news about a computer virus or hack, severe weather, high winds, epic snow falls, cyclones as well as air, water, nautical or space related incidents and disasters. Neptune’s wrath could bring water, liquid and chemical accidents, poisoning as well as overdoses from spiked drinks or tainted food. Mars conjunct Neptune is also notorious for adding insult to injury so this will cause a lot of heated conflict in already unstable war zones. This is extreme energy. You may also hear world news around this time of explosions, gas or chemical attacks, terrorist attacks and suicide bombers. The United States could have trouble I am afraid and not to freak anyone out but the truth is the cosmic storm is somewhat similar to September 11. Keep in mind this is a general forecast but I do want you to be aware that there is a window of opportunity here that indicates a high probability of violent unstable events. So please take care especially in large groups of people or if you have to travel. Better yet, hold off travel for a day or two if you can. The stars are similar to the kind of aspect that sparks a mystery like Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 when Jupiter was square to Uranus, but now Jupiter and Uranus oppose each other and are in a T-square with intense Pluto. The combined energy of the three planets is very strong at this angle and with the extra fuel Mars is providing as well as the foggy or I feel like I’m in a daze influence of mysterious Neptune, well we have the potential for a hell of a few days astrologically. This is a good time to be aware of your surroundings and be over protective of you and your loved ones. Don’t take chances and stay safe.

Life is on the upswing again with positive energy when lovely Venus enters the watery sign of Pisces on the 3rd. This is wonderful energy that is healing, brings romance back into your life and gives you a happy, cheerful outlook on life. People in general should have a warm, dreamy and loving Venusian planetary influence about them for the month of January. All water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces especially will be extremely alluring to other people during this time. People will just naturally want to gravitate around you and some of you will begin to feel like you have your own personal entourage. Make the most of this special bonus energy and ask for a favour, promotion, pay raise or to borrow something special during this time.

On the 4th we will be eager to speak and hear the truth when Mercury enters the fire sign of Sagittarius. This influence encourages us to be honest, intellectual and sincere. Sometimes Mercury in Sagittarius is a little too truthful and can blurt out blunt words without even realizing it. However this is an excellent position if you are interested in study to excel at a particular subject. This is also wonderful energy if you have any interest at all in learning another language, now is the time to apply yourself as it will be much easier than at other times. Mercury and Sagittarius can also ignite a desire to learn a new language or travel to long-distance locales, even if it's only in your mind.

Many people will feel determined, serious and will want to get to business when the Sun conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn on the 7th. This is an excellent day to focus on work, achievement and progress. This can also be an intense or serious kind of day so you don't want to kid around much extra serious type of personalities. Communications will become easier on the 8th when Mercury stations direct at 28° of Sagittarius. All forms of communication and commerce will be under positive energy again. Mercury will be out of its shadow phase or at full speed back on January 29th. Mercury and everything associated with it will really begin to pick up speed at this time.

On the 10th the Sun is inhospitable with Uranus in Aries and produces some topsy-turvy as well as unpredictable energy. People may react in unusual or unexpected ways and may suddenly revolt or spring out of a situation or relationship. Things can suddenly begin or end under this star. People in general will have a strong desire for freedom and this could be a day when something happens out of the blue that will not put a smile on your face unfortunately. This could represent itself as delays or challenges to your day that you were not anticipating. If you have to make an important appointment make sure you leave with plenty of time to spare. Be especially careful if you are an accident prone personality as this can cause unexpected injuries, cuts or burns. This energy can be felt stronger by Capricorns, Aquarius or Aries. Capricorn be careful with your bones and teeth, Aries be careful with your head and Aquarius will be feeling shaky, out of sorts or even itchy. Watch for world news at or around this time of severe weather, including lightning, earthquakes and volcanoes.

On the 12th we have a Full Moon in watery Cancer that puts the spotlight on nurturing and could mark a new beginning to your home and family life. This can cause people to feel more emotional than at other times and you could have a strong desire to pamper your family and or feather your nest. This is a good time to do things with your family around your home including baking or decorating.

For the most part this is lovely nostalgic energy however there is a wee bump in the road with the Sun square Jupiter. This could really blow your emotions out of proportion so if you're sensitive type try not to take every word of a conversation as a personal insult. You may also be seeing a situation through rose coloured glasses but clarity will soon be restored as we also have Mercury entering Capricorn late that day. Mercury will stay in the earth a sign of Capricorn for approximately three weeks and will influence our conversations to take on a more serious and mature tone. We are interested in the facts right now, just the facts please.

Finally on this busy day of the 12th with the New Moon and all the other planetary energy we also have lovely Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces. This is warm, harmonious and romantic energy to smooth over any ruffled feathers from today and end the evening on a high note. 
Watery signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces may still be feeling sort of fuzzy from the effects of the previous day on Friday the 13th. Filled with myth and folklore, Friday the 13th has long been viewed as a scary or unlucky day but I don't believe that. Overall in my personal experience anyway, I've always found Friday the 13th to be a lucky day.

We have a cosmic storm warning for the 18th when Mars makes a challenging angle with Jupiter in Libra as well as on the 19th when Mars squares Saturn in Sagittarius. These two days will be extremely challenging with a window of opportunity for severe conflict. This is not the time to force the issue with somebody as they will not be receptive of you at this time. This is a terrible time to ask for a favour, loan or pay raise. This is not a good time to challenge someone or tell them how you really feel. Your urge to do so may be strong but not right now, don’t do it or you’ll be sorry. Watch out for anger issues, accident prone behaviour as well as accidents and violence. This is also a terrible time to exhibit daredevil behaviour as this aspect is notorious for broken bones, severe cuts and burns.

On a global scale watch for world news of riots, violence and conflict. This unfortunately could be another day marked by severe weather, war zones or terrorism. I also believe there will be unrest, anger and violence in the United States surrounding the inauguration of President elect Trump, if he is actually inaugurated. Mr. Trump's natal Pluto is under a bombardment of nasty aspects at the moment as well as he has Mars and Uranus surrounding his 8th house in his birth chart. I believe he is in possible danger and that someone may try to hurt him. Mr. Trump should be very careful around large groups of people, explosives or guns.

I certainly hope he stays safe but his inauguration could start a new wave of outbursts, friction, anger, protests and division in the United States. There is a lot of negative astrological energy which points to an anger fueled day. There is the possibility that somehow he will not be inaugurated after all, the celestial energy is quite unstable indeed. This Energy will build and be activated by the upcoming solar eclipse later in 2017 which happens to have its path clear across the middle of the United States dividing it into two sections. So please everyone take care.

Also on the 19th on a more mundane and level, the Sun enters the air sign of Aquarius. People at this time will be interested in unusual pursuits, intellectual subjects, science and space technology. This is a good time to explore your higher self as well original ideas and inventions that you might be thinking about. Make sure to write down the 20th as a lovely day for love and romance when Venus sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. This is lovely energy for a pleasant day of socializing or romance. People may have a desire to splurge or treat themselves to the finer things in life, luxuries at this time. If you're making a purchase you will want the very best that you can afford. 

The 23rd is an excellent day for expressing your artistic creativity or for writing when Mercury sextiles Neptune. We have positive cosmic energy for artists, singers, entertainers, creative types as well as actors or YouTuber's. 

Relationships could be strained from the 24th to the 27th when Venus makes a difficult angle to Saturn in Sagittarius. Love will take on a critical and serious outlook for a couple of days. People will not feel like snuggling but more like sulking. On the 28th a New Moon in Aquarius brings understanding and the possibility of a lovely new beginning. Also on the 28th Mars enters its natural sign of Aries for the next few weeks where it has its strongest energy. This is excellent and the best position for Mars as it will influence people to be enthusiastic and want to start new projects as well as strive to the top.

Finally on the 29th, Mercury is right beside Pluto in Capricorn in the sky. This is affecting speech and communications in a negative way. People will be rigid, intense and forceful about getting their opinion across no matter the cost. It is like they just cannot see the damage that is done in the process of shoving their opinion down your throat. Expect talks to turn sarcastic, caustic and bitter. With Mars now in its naturally aggressive fire sign of Aries, if you go out to pick a fight you may very well get it.  The best way to handle January 2017’s celestial energy is to have patience, expect the best and make a wish. The Eclipse’s next month in February may cast its lucky light on you.

In a moment I will tell you how the stars and planets of January 2017 will affect your Sun sign, Moon sign and ascendant, but first I would like to thank you for watching and subscribing to my videos. Of course I would really love it if you would like and subscribe if you would not done so already to please show your support. Visit my website at for free daily horoscopes, predictions, astrology articles to help you achieve the most success in your life as well as provide you with spiritual guidance.

This is a general astrology forecast for all Sun sign's during January 2017 but just a quick reminder that these cosmic events will only affect you personally if you have planets or angles influenced by those signs, planets or degrees in your birth horoscope. For personal predictions about you specifically or if you need astrological guidance with matters of love, compatibility, career choices, relocation or a specific issue, I am here to help. An Astrology Reading can open your eyes to opportunities that you just cannot see for yourself as well as save you tons of time, energy and expense that you would spend trying to figure out your best choices in life for optimal success on your own. Order your personal In-depth Astrology Reading with me based on your date, location and time of birth.
Now let's see how the stars will influence your Sun sign. (January video to follow)
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January 2017 Horoscopes All Sun Signs

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