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Accurate Predictions I have made

January 2017 predictions that I made. On the 10th the Sun is inhospitable with Uranus in Aries and produces some unstable as well as unpredictable energy. Watch for world news at or around this time of severe weather, including lightning, earthquakes and volcanoes.

On the 18th when Mars makes a challenging angle with Jupiter in Libra as well as on the 19th when Mars squares Saturn in Sagittarius. These two days will be extremely challenging with a window of opportunity for severe conflict. On a global scale watch for world news of riots, violence and conflict. This unfortunately could be another time period marked by severe weather, war zones or terrorism. I also believe there will be unrest, anger and violence in the United States surrounding the inauguration of President elect Trump. Mr. Trump's natal Pluto is under a bombardment of nasty aspects at the moment as well as he has Mars and Uranus surrounding his 8th house in his birth chart.

Trump’s inauguration could start a new wave of outbursts, friction, anger, protests and division in the United States. There is a lot of negative astrological energy which points to an anger fueled day. There is the possibility that somehow he will not be inaugurated after all, the celestial energy is quite unstable indeed. This Energy will build and be activated by the upcoming solar eclipse later in 2017 which happens to have its path clear across the middle of the United States dividing it into two sections. So please everyone take care.

Accurate Predictions I have made in 2016-The Pittsburgh Penguins to win the 2016 Stanley Cup, Leonardo DiCaprio to win the Oscar for Best Actor. 2015-Kate Middleton to have a girl and name her Diana. Justin Trudeau to become Prime Minister of Canada, The Kansas City Royals to win the World Series 2015

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April 2017 Astrology Forecast-Weekly Stars

Monthly Stars and Crystal
April 2017 stars for the most part are pretty busy, especially in the romance department, however you will get the most benefit this month by taking your time. ♓️ The energies suggest you should not start anything new that is really important as better times are coming a little later on. The first week of April some of you will be feeling especially nostalgic and creative. We have several planets this month going direct and retrograde which could bring a delay or two but nothing to fret over. The fun starts on the 2nd with Venus entering the watery sign of Pisces. ♓️ People born with their Sun, Moon or ascendant in Pisces will be very alluring to other people just keep in mind that Venus is retrograde. Learn more about Venus retrograde on the link. Venus in Pisces is lovely planetary energy for romantic gestures, creative projects, artists, actors or entertainers.

On the 5th Mars in Taurus makes a favorable angle with Pluto in Capricorn. This is good stable energy. Some of you will be feeling physically energetic and like you can move a mountain. This harmonious planetary influence is especially beneficial for all earth signs of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.

Things start to slow down as karma comes a calling on the 6th with Saturn stationing retrograde at 27° Sagittarius ♐️ until August 25th. The planet Saturn is similar to father karma and during its retrograde it will highlight an area of your life that needs repair or a redo in some way. You may have to re-evaluate some situation in your life and make improvements. This is right on the Galactic center which makes this transit quite intense and transformational though it is of a slow progressive nature not something that hits you instantly.

Overall this is a positive influence though you might not think so as you're going through it because sometimes Saturn can be pretty heavy. This may not be the best time to begin a new project but it is a wonderful time to thoroughly go over any flaws and make improvements on something you've already begun. Just keep in mind Mercury will be going retrograde in a few days so there may be a delay, complication or a case of more information is needed. On a bright note, the Sun in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius and the Moon in Leo are in a favorable fire trine. This is lovely positive energy that will help to counter react any negative influence from sober Saturn.

The 7th will require some self-control with the Sun in Aries opposing Jupiter at 18° of Libra. This could be a time when you are looking closer at your relationships and how to improve them. You may be also seeing a situation bigger or better than it actually is and some of you could be seeing a situation as making a mountain out of a mole hill. This aspect is notorious with overconfidence, overextending your reach, wild out-of-control spending sprees or major purchases and overindulgence in fine food or drink. Be careful with your spending and bingeing on food especially if you have planets around 18° of Aries or Libra.

You will want to take care around the 8th when Venus in Pisces makes a cranky angle with Saturn at 27° of Sagittarius. This planetary energy may put a damper on how you see your partner. It will highlight flaws in your relationship and some of you will have issues, words and/or arguments. Just hang on for the ride and realize that no matter what is going on it is of a passing nature. It will not stay like this for long.

April 9-15
On the 9th Mercury slows down as it turns retrograde at 4° Taurus. ♉️ Communications and travel could have delays or obstacles associated with them. Mercury will move backwards through the sign of Taurus and back into Aries before it goes direct on May 3 at 24° of Aries. Mercury will not be at full speed until it is out of shadow on May 21st. Click on the link to learn more about how Mercury retrograde may affect you.

The 10th could be your lucky day when the Moon cozies up beside Jupiter in Libra. ♎️ A lovely gift or opportunity may come your way especially if you are have planets in Libra, Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces. On the 11th we have a Full Moon 🌕 at 21 degrees of Libra and Aries. This could be a time when partners, relationships or legal issues are in the spotlight or you bring something to its completion.

Be ready for anything on the 14th when the Sun meets up with Uranus at 24° of Aries. Around this time you should expect the unexpected as this position of the Sun and Uranus is notorious for things happening quickly and out of the blue. Take care if you are the least bit accident prone. Situations or events can change in a heartbeat for good or bad depending on how it is reacting to your personal planets. If you happen to be travelling today or have a special meeting with someone, give yourself plenty of time to get to the meeting, airport etc. as there could be a delay or two.

Love begins to get back to normal around the 15th when the planet Venus stations direct at 26° of Pisces. Venus will slowly begin to move forward again and back into the sign of Aries later on the 28th. Once Venus has reached the point it went retrograde at and moves beyond, it will be at full speed and back to normal. This astrological transition is known as out of shadow or Venus was in its shadow zone meaning it is still not up to full power until it is beyond that point.

April 16-22nd
On the 17th the Sun trines Saturn at 27° Aries and Sagittarius bringing lovely and positive stable, long-term energy. This will also be beneficial for Capricorn, Aquarius as well as Leo.

There's an energy shift on the 19th with the Sun entering the earth a sign of Taurus. The cosmic influence of Taurus encourages us to slow down and take our time over the next four weeks. Mercury cozies up to the Sun at 0° Taurus on the 20th. You want to really think over any offers that come your way around this time and give them a lot of thought before you decide one way or another about it. Some people will be more stubborn than usual around this time. Also small but mighty Pluto retrogrades at 19° Capricorn ♑️ which can begin a deep investigation of your inner psyche. Some may not like what they see about themselves and take steps to improve. Finally on the 20th, Mercury enters Aries later that evening influencing some folks to drastically take action or to blurt out something they don't actually mean as bad as it sounded.

You may feel like taking a more analytical approach to a situation around the 21st when Mars enters Gemini. This can make some folks be especially mentally sharp and it is a good time to investigate some matter however some of you will be especially nervous or fidgety with this position. Also on the 20th, Venus is at odds with Saturn at 27° Pisces and Sagittarius. Love and matters of the heart may have challenges, snags or loving feelings may cool down for a while.

April 23-30
Communications will be in the spotlight at the start the week on the 24th when Mercury makes a favorable angle to Saturn at 27° Aries and Sagittarius. Overall this planetary energy is harmonious for communications and or business however there's something else happening later in the day that you have to keep in mind. Mars will make a nasty angle with Pluto Capricorn. This planetary energy will be felt several days before as well as for the following week, not just for one day. The entire last week of April will have an intense feeling to it and could provide the most negative influences of the month. People in general will have an intensity or seriousness about them and some will be seething with rage inside quite obviously to anyone that is around them. 🌏 Around this time globally you may hear in the news about severe weather, fires, explosions as well as violence, violent conflict or terrorist related activity.

On a positive note, fresh energy is on the way on the 26th with a lovely New Moon at 6° Taurus. Some of you will be turning your attention to your finances or property and this may influence you to indulge in the pleasures of life. This will be a good time to enjoy a really good meal with someone you love. The New Moon is also especially harmonious for anyone who is an artist, a creative type or someone in the entertainment industry. You could be shining brightly tonight.

Intense feelings around the 27th could come up again with Mars and Pluto still at odds in the signs of Gemini and Capricorn. Emotions could become watery or heated around the 28th when the Moon approaches Mars sparking anger or very steamy passion. As well Venus the planet of love enters the sign of Aries ♈️ which can fuel someone's desires even more. Expect the unexpected because anything goes when Mercury cozies right on top of Uranus at 25° of Aries. Things could happen or change quickly, out of the blue or at lightning speed. Gemini and Aquarius maybe feeling slightly erratic to say the least perhaps with nervousness or feeling out of sorts in some way.

One more bump in the road on the 30th as Mars makes an unfavorable angle with Saturn highlighting the 22° apex. Some of you may notice that your teeth or bones are aching or in need of repair in some way. You're going to want to take it easy around this time as the planetary energies are pointing towards a higher possibility of accidents, accident prone behavior, cuts and broken bones. As well Saturn is also making a square with asteroid Chiron which could have some folks feeling down in the dumps or depressed, particularly if you have planets in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces. The stars may have you seeing the worst in someone or the situation. This can also bring out critical or sarcastic behavior in someone or a hurtful situation. Take care not to purposely sling emotional arrows at someone because you feel pissed off. Your hurtful words could do permanent damage and you'll feel like a jerk.

Now keep in mind these are general aspects for all signs. The position of the stars indicates times of probability but nothing is set firmly in stone. These particular interpretations will only affect you personally depending on how they are interacting with your individual horoscope. The best way to handle April’s astrological energies is to stay calm and take your time. There's no need to rush and this isn't the best time to do it so just chill for now.

I'd like to read you a quote from an unconventional source. This is something the superhero the Blue Lantern said but I really like the words as they ring true in real life. The oath of hope goes something like this.

 “In fearful day, in reaching night. With strong hearts full, our souls ignite. When all seems lost in the war of light, look to the stars for hope burns bright”. I think that's really nice. No matter how your month is going things will get better in fact next month has some beautiful, positive and exciting energy coming our way. May will bring a lot of positive energy into the world and things will take an optimistic shift. Stay tuned and stay strong.

Crystal recommendations for all Sun signs

The Sun is putting a spotlight on you as it shines on your 1st House of the physical body and your image. Carry a Spirit Quartz crystal gem stone to infuse your life with joyful energy and give your spirit a dynamic boost.

The Sun will be shining in your 12th House of behind the scenes, private matters, secrets as well as personally distractive behavior. Carry a Black Obsidian crystal gem stone for grounding and protection.

The Sun will be in your 11th House highlighting your friends and social life. Carry an Aventurine crystal gem stone to attract new friendships and stimulate social activity.

The Sun is shining brightly in your 10th House of career, recognition and prestige. Carry a Citrine Crystal gem stone to attract business opportunities and recognition.

The Sun is travelling through your 9th House of higher education, spirituality and long-distance travel. Carrie an Aquamarine crystal gem stone to raise your level of consciousness and for protection while traveling.

The Sun will illuminate your 8th House of joint income, shared resources and estate matters. Carry a Black Onyx crystal gem stone for grounding and protection.

The Sun put a spotlight on your 7th House of partners and relationships. Carry a Blue Laced Agate crystal gem stone to attract harmony and loving feelings into your world.

The Sun highlights your 6th House of work, service to others as well as health. Carry a Citrine crystal gem stone to attract new job opportunities wage increases and to post your physical immunity.

The Sun put a spotlight on your 5th House of fun, recreation and romance. Carry a Sunstone Crystal gemstone to attract good times and loving feelings your way.

The Sun highlights your 4th House of home, family and property. Carry a Grape Agate crystal gem stone to encourage security and stability.

The Sun travels through your 3rd House of communication, creativity, short distance travel and self-expression. Carry a Clear Quartz crystal gem stone to enhance clarity and connect to a higher spiritual power if you so desire.

The Sun is shining brightly in your 2nd House of money, material gain and omission. Carry a Fire Agate crystal gem stone to attract material gain, gifts and goodies your way.

 Venus is in the retrograde zone until April 15, 2017. During this time all things related to beauty, money and sex will have a diminishing, unstable and unfavorable influence.
Venus Retrograde for all Sun Signs

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