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Do you seek guidance or help making a decision? I can help you get a better understanding of your situation and point you in the right direction with a Personal Astrology Reading. Understand the PAST, Be aware of the PRESENT and see a clear path to a better FUTURE. Click on the Link below to Purchase.

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March 2017 Stars 

March 2017 Monthly Stars and Crystal
My latest article for Dell Horoscope Magazine is about Ancient
Egyptian Astrology and can be seen in the upcoming March 2017 edition. My debut article for Dell Horoscope magazine is about Crystals and Astrology and appeared in the October 2016 edition.

March will come in like a soggy lion with the aftershocks still in effect from the Eclipse on February 26th. The Sun will be in the watery sign of Pisces until the 20th bringing up past issues and making some people very emotional or fragile. There is shaky energy afoot on the 1st with the Moon, Pluto and Uranus which will be accelerated by Jupiter and Mars making for a day full of surprises and shakeups. Expect the unexpected at this time. The Sun is also right beside magical Neptune at the spiritually karmic number 11 in the watery sign of Pisces. This is an excellent time to pursue spiritual matters, learn about the occult sciences or metaphysics. The veil to the other side is wide open for those people wanting to investigate this phenomenon. If you have planets around 11 degrees of Pisces, especially Neptune, you may have a vision, paranormal or supernatural experience.

On the 2nd Jupiter is in opposition to unstable Uranus affecting the signs of Libra and Aries. It is also at the karmic master number 22 representing our dreams and wishes. This can influence some to bolt from a situation, job or relationship out of the blue. You may fell extremely restless and edgy but my advice is to think carefully before marching off in a huff, it is probably not as bad as you temporarily think. If you have planets around 22° you will feel this energy more than others.

On the 4th Venus enters the retrograde zone until April 15. During this time all things related to beauty, money and sex will have a diminishing, unstable and unfavorable influence.
Venus Retrograde for all Sun Signs
On the 9th Mars enters the earth sign of Taurus which can make earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn a little more stubborn than usual for a while. When Mars is in the sign of Taurus, people in general do not want to be rushed or prodded into making any hasty decisions, they want to take their time. This will stimulate a desire for pleasure, find food and smoldering romance or negatively make some more prone to accidents, stubborn behavior and anger issues.

We have a Full Moon on the 12th in the earth the sign of Virgo. The Full Moon is at the karmic master number 22. This is a time when your past efforts could finally pay off or reach a conclusion of some sort. This would be a good time to clear out the clutter around your home and in your life. Make things nice, neat and tidy to let in the good new positive energy and to make room for new opportunities. Because the Full Moon involves both celestial lights of the Sun and the Moon, it has a sense of duality about it, so it is entirely possible a new opportunity may be presented to you at this time especially if you have favorably aspected planets around 22° of Virgo or earth signs of Taurus or Capricorn.

On the 13th Mercury enters the fire sign of Aries where it will stay for approximately 3 weeks. During this time people will be more prone to speak their mind and take action, not sit around or leave anything to chance. This is not a time when people will want to sit back and wait, they will want to go for it now, whatever “it” is. This can make some people feel restless or edgy, maybe even a little more aggressive than normally.

On the 20th we have the Sun enters the fire sign of Aries for the next month. This is also a day when spring begins in the northern hemisphere and we celebrate the Spring Solstice, spring equinox. This is a time of new beginnings and a fresh new year. This is a day to write down your wishes and put them somewhere safe like under a wee pyramid. People in general will be more aggressive, in a hurry, wanting to speak their mind and will want to take the lead in some way. This can make you feel edgy or restless, so it is an excellent time to begin some sort of physical activity or go for a walk. Some of you with favorably aspected fire energy in your horoscope will feel especially energetic and peppy during this month.

Watch your mouth on the 23rd when Mercury makes an adverse aspect to Pluto at 19° Aries and Capricorn. This is not a day to tell somebody how you really feel as the Moon is also square or in a cranky angle to Mars. You may be sorry you said anything. People in general will be irritable, cranky and quick to anger. This is a day ripe for communication misunderstandings, intense emotions building like a volcano and intense or bitter arguments. Watch for road rage on the drive and take care while traveling. The 23rd is not a very favorable day to fly as you can expect delays, cancellations, temperamental travelers or incidents.

You may see on the news about severe weather conditions, shake ups or fire related tragedies. This is also a day where we will hear news about conflict and violence around the world. Just to add insult to injury on the 24th we also have Mercury in opposition to Jupiter which could accelerate your argument to the next level. This is an aspect associated with overconfidence as well as overstating the facts or making a mountain out of a mole hill. Be on the lookout for liars, scam artists and fake profiles wanting to friend you on social media.

The 25th is a lovely day for passionate love romance with Venus conjunct the Sun at 4° of Aries. With the Moon in dreamy Pisces this will add even more romance and a magical quality to the day. This is an excellent day for expressing your creativity.  Artists and actors will easily find inspiration and show their best side as well. People born with the Sun in Aries will be more physically attractive in the eyes of others for the next 3 weeks, so get out and socialize. Some of you on a date with someone for the first time tonight may find that this person is quite bold and hot to trot, so take care if this is not what you're into.

On the 27th we have a New Moon at 7 degrees of Aries. The Moon in Aries will bring on a desire to start something new or begin a spunky new project. The Moon is also very close with Venus the planet of love. This is generally a good time for women or gay men to encounter a dark handsome stranger or find a new love interest. Just keep in mind that Venus is retrograde, so this may be a scenario of 2 ships passing in the night rather than a budding romance that will lead to a commitment.

On the 30th Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn causing relationship tension or bring up drama from the past. This is the second square or challenging aspect between these two heavy hitting planets in a series of 3 that could bring on arrogant behavior, fanatical obsessions or conflict with authority of some kind. Some of you may feel like money is burning a hole in your pocket or feel a desire to make extravagant purchases, but now is not the time. On the 31st Mercury enters the earthy sign of Taurus where it will stay for the next 3 weeks. During this time people in general will want to think carefully before they speak and evaluate the situation first. People will not take kindly to being rushed or hurried along to make a decision but they will be enjoying the pleasures in life, fine food and drink more than usual.

Crystals for all Sun Signs in March

The Sun will be in your 12th house putting a spotlight on behind the scenes matters and secrets. Carry a Black Obsidian crystal gem stone for grounding and protection.

The Sun will be in your 11th house highlighting your friends and social life. Carry an Aventurine crystal gem stone to attract new friendships and stimulate social activity.

The Sun shines brightly in your 10th house of career and prestige. Carry a Citrine crystal gem stone to attract business opportunities and recognition.

The Sun is travelling through your 9th house of higher learning and long-distance travel. Carry an Aquamarine crystal gem stone to raise your level of consciousness and for protection while traveling.

The Sun puts a highlight on your 8th house of joint income and estate matters. Carry a Black Onyx crystal gem stone for grounding and protection.

The sun put the spotlight on your 7th house of partners and relationships. Carry a Blue Laced Agate crystal gem stone to attract harmony and loving feelings into your world.

The Sun highlights your 6th house of work, service and health. Carry a Citrine crystal gem stone to attract new job opportunities, wage increases and to boost your immunity.

The Sun puts a spotlight in your 5th house of fun, recreation and romance. Carry a Sunstone Crystal gemstone to attract good times and loving feelings your way.

The Sun highlights your 4th house of home, property and family. Carry a Grape Agate crystal gem stone to encourage security and stability.

The Sun travels through your 3rd house of communication and self-expression. Carry a Clear Quartz crystal gem stone to enhance clarity and connect to a higher power if you so desire.

The Sun is shining brightly on your 2nd house of money and ambition. Carry a Fire Agate crystal gem stone to attract material gain and fuel your desires.

The Sun is putting a spotlight on you as it transits your 1st house of your physical body and your image. Carry a Spirit Quartz to infuse your life with joyful energy and give your spirit a dynamic boost.

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Accurate Predictions I have made

January 2017 predictions that I made. On the 10th the Sun is inhospitable with Uranus in Aries and produces some unstable as well as unpredictable energy. Watch for world news at or around this time of severe weather, including lightning, earthquakes and volcanoes.

On the 18th when Mars makes a challenging angle with Jupiter in Libra as well as on the 19th when Mars squares Saturn in Sagittarius. These two days will be extremely challenging with a window of opportunity for severe conflict. On a global scale watch for world news of riots, violence and conflict. This unfortunately could be another time period marked by severe weather, war zones or terrorism. I also believe there will be unrest, anger and violence in the United States surrounding the inauguration of President elect Trump. Mr. Trump's natal Pluto is under a bombardment of nasty aspects at the moment as well as he has Mars and Uranus surrounding his 8th house in his birth chart.

Trump’s inauguration could start a new wave of outbursts, friction, anger, protests and division in the United States. There is a lot of negative astrological energy which points to an anger fueled day. There is the possibility that somehow he will not be inaugurated after all, the celestial energy is quite unstable indeed. This Energy will build and be activated by the upcoming solar eclipse later in 2017 which happens to have its path clear across the middle of the United States dividing it into two sections. So please everyone take care.

Accurate Predictions I have made in 2016-The Pittsburgh Penguins to win the 2016 Stanley Cup, Leonardo DiCaprio to win the Oscar for Best Actor. 2015-Kate Middleton to have a girl and name her Diana. Justin Trudeau to become Prime Minister of Canada, The Kansas City Royals to win the World Series 2015

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