Alexander the Great 

356-323 BC

Alexander the Great was the world's greatest military leader of all time. He utilized the knowledge of Astrology to expand his empire and eventually ruled most of the known ancient world. The city of Alexandria was named after him and the most extensive library in the known ancient world was built. The Royal Library of Alexandria was built in honor of him by his successor Ptolemy, a Macedonian general. As Alexander's empire grew, he introduced Astrology to the Arab nations. Eventually Astrologist Al Biruni introduced the "parts of fortune" which brought even more sophistication to horoscope forecasting.



Nostradamus was undeniably the most famous Oracle of the astrological sciences. He made many accurate predictions for the Royal family of France and became close personal friends with Queen Catherine de' Medici, wife of King Henry ll. In Nostradamus's famous book of quatrains, "Les Propheties", he accurately predicted many future events centuries before they actually happened, even into modern times.​

Sir Isaac Newton
Sir Isaac Newton got into a heated debate with skeptic Edmund Haley on the subject of the validity of Astrology. Sir Isaac was quoted as saying, "I have studied the matter. You Sir have not."

History of Astrology 

​The history of Astrology is ancient and fascinating. Mankind has been gazing up to the stars in wonder since our existence. The study of Astronomy and Astrology were equally important to the early civilizations. Ancient Mesopotamia is believed to be the birthplace of Astrology. Around 4000 BC the first astronomical observatories were built where data was collected and recorded on clay tablets. Literally thousands of Mesopotamian tablets have been discovered by archaeologists over the past couple of centuries. By 3500 BC, recording celestial events had become commonplace. The wisdom of Astrology expanded into Rome, Egypt, China and eventually to the Mayans in South America.​​, astro, mojo, astrology, horoscope, astrology reading, online card reading, psychic readings, tarot, card reading
World Leaders

The founding fathers of the United States of America in the 1700's, were Astrologers who utilized forecasting to time all important government events. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin all studied Astrology, understanding that "forewarned is forearmed". Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and 'Iron Lady' Margret Thatcher (former Prime Minister to the United Kingdom), consulted Astrologers to time appearance's, make speech's and for signing important documents.

Astrology and politics is still relevant today.Here is another example of political astrology in the U.S.A.

The Huffington Post has a number of interesting articles about astrology.

​"Astrology is one of the most ancient sciences, held in high esteem of old, by the wise and the great".​ 

 Benjamin Franklin

Carl Jung

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung wrote several articles on the symmetry of Astrology and was a believer in the occult sciences. Studying astrology for himself, he cast the charts of over fifty patients in one case study alone. He noted definite personality traits associated to astrological indicators. He concluded that Astrology was a very helpful tool in psychoanalysis. His wife was a revered psychoanalyst and also an Astrologer. For over 6000 years Astrologers have been Oracles for Pharaoh's, Kings, world leaders, celebrities and the socially elite.

Today, there is much debate as to astrology's validity as a science or not. Originally it was a science, along side astronomy, physics and was one of the only sciences for centuries. It was a standard course for medical school up until the mid 1800's. Astrology is still popular today especially in the East, where astrology is followed by approximately 90% of the population on a daily basis. 

Three Wise Men 

7 BC

The Magi were Astrologers who predicted the birth of Jesus. It was said they followed the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn to get to Bethlehem. Until the late 1500's many early Popes including Leo X and Paul lll were known Astrologists. It has been rumored for centuries that the Vatican has the largest collection of astrological material in the world, hidden in the inner sanctum of their extensive library.​​

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