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Astrology Houses 

Astrology Houses represent life themes and events. There are 12 sections in a Horoscope wheel referred to by astrologers as the houses. Each house represents different areas of our lives and the events in it. The ancients referred to the houses in astrology as palaces of the sky. When planets transit or move through the houses of the zodiac, they make mathematical angles to each other such as conjunctions, squares, oppositions and trines. These angles are extremely important when interpreting a horoscope and are known by astrologers as aspects. The type of aspect indicates positive or negative energies or reactions that could influence matters related to that house. To practice the ancient philosophy of Astrology, Astrologists must combine astronomy, mathematics including algebra, trigonometry and physics as well as psychology to interpret a horoscope. I believe it is a science for this requires talent, extreme concentration and time to read the stars accurately. 

1st House 

Referred to by astrologers as the ascendant. The 1st house is all about you, the physical body, it reveals part of your personality and physical appearance. The 1st house is ego, self and individuality.

Naturally ruled by Aries.

2nd House

The 2nd house represents money, finances, possessions, property and material gain. The 2nd house also describes your feelings.

Naturally ruled by Taurus. 

3rd House

The 3rd house represents the mind, mental journeys, studying, writing, ideas and mental ability. The 3rd house also symbolizes brothers and sisters, short trips, comings and goings, neighbors and surroundings.

Naturally ruled by Gemini.

4th House

​The 4th house represents the home, property, environment, domestication, and home life. The 4th house also describes your later years and the mother or parent who nurtured you. 

Naturally ruled by cancer.

5th House

​The 5th house represents pleasure, fun, romance, love, children and small pets. The 5th house is also creativity, gambling and games of chance.

Naturally ruled by Leo.

6th House

​The 6th house symbolizes service, work and occupation. The 6th house also health, ailments and accidents.

Naturally ruled by Virgo.

7th House

​The 7th house symbolizes other people, marriage, relationships, partners and marriage partner. The 7th house is also lawsuits and open enemies.

Naturally ruled by Libra.

8th House

The 8th house symbolizes other peoples money, your spouses money, money received from insurance or inheritances legacies and bequeaths. Sex and all matters connected to death and the dead, property of the dead.

Naturally ruled by Scorpio.

9th House

​The 9th house symbolizes higher education and long-distance travel, wages, journeys, dreams and visions. The 9th house is also foreigners, foreign countries, universities, philosophy, inventions and scientific achievements.

Naturally ruled by Sagittarius

10th House

The 10th house represent your career and profession. It is your public standing, honors in life, same, popularity and status. The 10th house also symbolizes your father.

Naturally ruled by Capricorn

11th House

​The 11th house represents friends, acquaintances, connections, social groups and clubs. The 11th house also symbolizes your fondest hopes and wishes.

Naturally ruled by Aquarius.

12th House

​The 12th house symbolizes secrets, escape, seclusion, retirement, large animals, hidden affairs and the occult side of life. The 12th house is also sacrifice, unexpected troubles, secret sorrows and pain, self undoing, Secret enemies, incarceration in institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, jails, prisons and asylums.

Naturally ruled by Pisces.