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If you are not ready for a Full Astrology Reading, open your eyes with a 2017 Horoscope Report orCard Reading.  I can help you look for love, choose the best career choices and path, or compare your horoscope to another person to see if they are your soul mate or not. This priceless information is your star map for success and an epic happy life. 

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Astrology Readings in Thunder Bay

Private Personal Astrology Reading Bookings in Thunder Bay are available by special appointment 2-3 weeks in advance only. I live outside of the city of Thunder Bay so I travel to you. I do not Read at my home, I will only make house calls to you by special prepaid appointment provided I am available. Contact me if you are interested to make an appointment to conduct an Astrology Reading in your home or office.

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In-Depth Readings 2017, Online Astrology and Tarot

In Depth Readings 2017. In-Depth Email Readings 2017, In-Depth Astrology Readings 2017, In-Depth Psychic Reading 2017, In-Depth Card Reading 2017, Online Readings 2017, Personal Astrology Readings 2017, Online Tarot, Online Angel Card Readings 2017, Crystals, Your Best Career, Love, Life.  In-Depth Astrology Reading includes prep time and is personally written by me. Email Readings are the fastest way to get answers in a few days.

Custom Astrology Readings are available if you want to combine several subjects for deep investigation. Tell me what you want to know and I will quote you a special price. Note that Custom Readings require a few days longer. Custom Reading example: Past Lives, Best Careers with Locations for the most success and Future Forecast. Contact me for details. 

Do you have a special Question about your personal life, career, love life or about the future? Astrology Readings with me can give you sound spiritual advice quickly in only a few days. I can help you Understand the PAST, Be aware of the PRESENT and see a clear path to a better FUTURE. My Psychic abilities include Medium, prophecy, clairvoyance and clairaudience. I call these special gifts, my little voice. I have a strong spiritual connection with people and animals which began when I started to see energy fields, orbs and spirits as a child. The stars speak to me, let me be your light. 

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Each Astrology Reading includes 2 hours of my time to properly cast, research, interpret your situation, Crystal Readings, Online Tarot Readings include a picture of your cards I draw for you, an interpretation of the cards as well as my predictions about your situation. Email Readings, In Depth Astrology Readings, Card Reading are usually delivered to your email within 3 days. Click on the Pictures below for more.