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Kevin Durand Birth Chart

For Kevin Durand's interpretation, I am concentrating mainly on indications of fame using the Western Astrology method. You will have a hard time keeping your eyes off Kevin Durand when he walks into a room and I am not only referring to his impressive height of 6'6".

Aquarius intercepted indicates a unique individual and little unusual too. In addition he has Uranus high up on the chart indicating a person with a magnetic personality. Kevin has a larger than life presences both on and off the screen. This is largely due to the planet Jupiter in his 1st House which is all about the individual.

Kevin also has Venus in the 1st House which adds charm, good looks and an overall pleasant personality to the lucky people born with this position. People with this placement are well liked by others. Add in the Sun and Ascendant in cool Capricorn, as well as his Midheaven (how others see you and status) in sexy Scorpio and there you have it! Wow. The title of one of his early movies "Smokin Aces", describes him quite well as he is charming, charismatic as well as a class act. This is further emphasized with his Moon in charming Libra. Anyone that has ever had the pleasure of his company knows exactly what I mean. The Moon in Libra (ruled by Venus) is favorable for a charming person. This person is fair, true in character and just.
The Sun and Ascendant in Capricorn indicate a person who is somewhat reserved and choose's there friends carefully. One of the things about him that struck me the most was just how sincerely humble and genuinely polite this man was. He really is a nice guy. As an example, for the purposes of this Horoscope, Kevin himself provided me with his actual time of birth. 

Mercury is in a tight conjuction with his Ascendant which indicates an individual that will be known for communications and their voice. Acting and singing definately fall in this catagory. As well he has the planet Neptune (which rules the film industry) in his 10th house of career. This is excellent for his line of work and in fact many great actors have this placement.

His acting style has many facets including the villainous characters he has portrayed so well in several of his films. Kevin's acting prowess shows depth of character as well as realism similar to great classic actors of the silver screen such as Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen and Humphrey Bogart. All these actors have one thing in common, when you watch them on the screen you believe them. He has several placements in his chart similar to these legends.

Kevin's talent is especially evident with his portrayal of infamous Canadian criminal Lenny Jackson in 2011's Citizen Gangster which earned him a Genie nomination for best supporting actor. It is refreshing in a society where so many celebrities are famous for nothing, there are others that are so talented. ​​I truly believe his best is yet to come as well as at least another award nomination possible next year.

Kevin Durand's Birth Chart

I had the luck of meeting Kevin Durand by chance in 2005 here in Thunder Bay and he certainly made a favorable impression on me. He was so genuinely nice, respectful and extremely polite. Let's take a look at Kevin Durand's horoscope and I'll show you what I mean.  
Kevin Serge Durand was born January 14, 1974 at 9:03 AM in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Kevin Durand 

Kevin Serge Durand is a Canadian actor, comedian and musician from my hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Kevin Durand is currently on the FX television show 'The Strain' and is a rising star of the Hollywood entertainment industry. Kevin Durand is wonderful as rat exterminator-vampire hunter Vasiliy Fet on The Strain, his thick Ukrainian accent is dreamy but he has also played many other memorable roles in television series including The Vikings and Lost. Kevin Durand has also played a variety of rich characters in movies such as Robin Hood, Edwin Boyd, Real Steel, The Captive and Dark was the Night. Kevin Durand appeared on the History Channels, 'The Vikings' playing the wickedly delicious character Harbard. I think his best is still to come. 

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Kevin Durand, Kevin Durand Birth chart, Kevin Durand horoscope, celebrity, actor, Thunder Bay,

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