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Relocation and Travel Reading ​​

Relocation Readings make the most of personal astrology and can change your life. My Relocation Reading is your BEST locations in the world to travel, do business, find love or live. You can get the best education, love and reach new heights with your career. Astrocartography is a wonderful way to use the stars to your advantage. Timing is everything yes, but so is location, location, location. Relocation Reports are a must have if you are going on an extended stay or if you are considering immigrating to a new country. Your personal Relocation Reading will help you make the most of your opportunities in your new location. I personally draw up your Relocation Reading for you to live the richest life.

Like a road map of the stars, this priceless information is your G.P.S to success. Many people I have read for, tell me they already have an attraction to the locations I have selected. You may find you like things or products from these countries or find them alluring regardless if you have been there or not. If you are considering moving to another country, this information is your Treasure Map. 

Relocation is part of a Custom Astrology Reading I can do for youPurchase Below.

Relocation e-mail Reading includes: a personally written interpretation from me, a detailed interpretation of each location, an interpretation of your current location This is your personal astrological  G.P.S. for success in life.

Relocation Reading ​Reviews

Brilliant. Exceptional value for money and the reading was amazing. Accurately described my current location life and another place I have lived. Cool how I made friends so easily in 1 location and not the other. Cannot wait to travel to some of my best places. I am so excited. Great uplifting report, fantastic value, would highly recommend.
Martin S Canada

This is fantastic! Too cool, Lisa's description for my present location of Toledo, Ohio was spot on! I have been seriously thinking about moving to Europe or the UK. The treasure map report has my 10 top places and Glasgow, Scotland and London, England would be excellent for me. I always have been strongly attracted to all things Scottish and now I can see I have to go there. I will treasure this map forever as I see just how valuable it can be to me in years to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
Jason S​ USA

The Treasure Map Relocation Reading is chock full of information. Now I know why I'm drawn to certain locations and cultures. I highly recommend you get this you won't be disappointed.
Robin L USA​