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Much appreciated Lisa Paron, the Lady Ruby. All the very best to you and yours. Thanks again and cheers. Kevin Durand Los Angeles, USA

She is Stardust

Everytime, everything perfectly explained, incredibly insightful. Highly recommended.

Robbie Humphries London England

Bang on

I had Lisa do up a chart for my granddaughter and myself. I can't believe how bang on she is with a lot of our predictions so far. I can't wait for the rest of the years predictions.

‚ÄčKaren Hawryluk Thunder Bay, Canada

I highly recommend Lisa Paron

I have a scientific background and am a sceptic. However there are people with unusual abilities.  I asked Lisa Paron for a Horoscope, as a matter of fact two. Very quickly I received the result via email and started digging. After contenplating what I read, I realised how rich my life so far had been.This was certainly a very positive experience I would maybe never had without Lisa's work. As an Psychic Astrologer  Lisa's personal style flows, ‚Äúshe knows ‚Äú the person, makes it easy to relate to the text and she is always professional. For anyone who is considering an astrology reading or needs guidance, I highly recommend Lisa Paron. Kind regards

Otto Hase Australia, Queensland

Amazing experience

Lisa completed an In Depth Astrology Forecast for myself and I must say I was truly amazed. She has a wonderful talent and my forecast - including past, present and future- was overwhelming with excitement and emotion. I believe this Astrology Reading will help me prepare for this year and overall I am exciting for what is in store. I would highly recommend having Lisa share her talent with you, you will be blown away.

‚ÄčKM Thunder Bay, Canada

Caring and intuitive

Lisa is an amazing person - very caring and intuitive.

Maria Smith Thunder Bay, Canada

Great Lisa

‚ÄčThanks Lisa for your Astrology which has great influence in our lives. It is important to understand the science rather than fearing it. Understanding the importance of Astrology in life will help you lead a happy and prosperous life.
R N Kathmandu, Nepal 

She knew my unique nuances

I had Lisa write up a personal Birth Chart for me and I found that so much of it was relevant and very revealing as well! It was interesting to finally have a full explanation of my astrological sign and the unique nuances that aren't explained as clearly in your everyday horoscope.

Renata Kondakov Thunder Bay, Canada

‚ÄčShe looked into my spirit

Thanks for the astrology reading Lisa it was definitely coming from insight and excellence and I am not one who often delves deeply into astrology but It was an awesome experience. I felt like you looked right into my spirit sometimes with how much you could reveal about myself to me. Great reading and great lady. The reading was in depth and kindly guided me through a look into my birth stars. Thank you tons!

‚ÄčKiera Michel, Thunder Bay, Canada

She sees your Soul

In the stars she sees your soul and my path is illuminated by the beauty of her sacred essence.

‚ÄčMicheal Teal Hamilton, ON, Canada

Astrologist are all God sent children

There is nothing much I can say about this gift of God. Just by believing in yourself is a break through. Thank you for giving me guidance and understanding of my life and the direction. God bless you Lisa.
M A Kathmandu, Nepal

This lady just changed my life and my career

Oh, I don't have any words, really I don't have, your advise just changed my career. Thank you very much Lisa for helping me. Frankly speaking I needed exactly what I was looking for. This lady just change my life and my career. I am so very much pleased, I actually don't know about my future, but my present is now better. Thanks a lot for your kind advise.
P V Mumbai, India

Accurate and very interesting read
I got the Natal chart done by Lisa and I couldn't believe how accurate it was. It was worth the price paid and I highly recommend Lisa's readings to anyone looking for some insight about themselves and their future. I'll be purchasing other readings from Lisa in the future as she is truly the best of the best. Thanks ‚Äč
Ruby‚Äč Halifax, Canada

Great Reading
I have to say your Compatibility reading was super. Lisa really described my relationship with my husband accurately. Her reading is helping me to understand the dynamics of our relationship better. Good value Thank you 
Darwin, Australia

Best Wedding ever
I cannot thank you enough for helping pick the most important day in my life, my wedding. It was a picture perfect day, everything went smoothly and everyone enjoyed themselves. My new husband and I have been so happy. Your wise advise saved us a lot of money. Thank you Lady Ruby-Lisa, you are amazing and my new guru. Love your blog on Facebook.
Kelly-Ann L. Toronto, Canada

It was as you said
This is a very interesting reading. I had to relocate to the Caribbean for business. I did not know what to expect in a new country so I ordered a reading. It has been as you said, I have been very popular here and am well liked. I also have had a couple of unexpected upsets in this location. There have been challenges with my spouse and we are rekindling our passion for each other. Wow is all I can say. Intriguing and well worth it.
Daniel S British Virgin Is.

Best Locations 
The Treasure Map Best Locations Reading is chock full of information. Now I know why I am drawn to certain locations and cultures. I highly recommend you get this Reading. You won't be disappointed.
Robin L , New Jersey, USA

She picked the perfect date

Thank you for selecting the date for my son's wedding. It all turned out beautifully and they have been so happy. I was worried that it would be hard to pick a really good day for a wedding with the heavy astrology aspects you wrote about in your Facebook articles. As a mother, I feel good that the date you picked for their wedding is solid and long lasting.
Christine T Texas, USA

Very helpful 
Lisa Paron is kind, to the point and very helpful. Her advice helped me resolve my problem. Thanks to the star Lady Ruby. Namaste
Mandu D Bangalore, India

Good Value
Full of interesting details specifically for me and it is right on target. This was accurate and very helpful, especially for my career. I see patterns forming and it is cool. Great value for your money. I recommend this reading.
Peter J Tasmania, Australia  ‚Äč 

I am very pleased
Lisa, I just had to write you a note to tell you how pleased I was with the chart you prepared for me. I have had lots of readings done over the years and I must say I really liked how you interpreted mine. So very helpful, informative and so accurate. What I especially liked is how easy it was to read and how you explained things. All that and economical too. To anyone thinking of having their Astrology chart done, I highly recommend Lisa Paron and Astro Mojo. I know I'll be back. Thank you so much
J V Thunder Bay‚Äč