Astrologer Lisa Paron

Romance 2017

​Romance, Romance 2017, Looking for love? Order your Romance Reading. Love and Romance reading for potential lucky days to find love and plan romantic events with your partner. My Love Reading and Romance forecast is amazing if you seek a new love interest or to improve your current relationship. Find love with a personal astrology reading from me.

Is love in the stars? Your online Horoscope Reading will help you increase the odds of encountering love and romance. I will tell you what the stars say based on your Birth chart, Transits, Solar Return, Progressions and Midpoints. Love and Romance reading includes auspicious dates, perfect opportunities for meeting someone special, planning romantic times, special events or catching someone's eye. 
Love e-mail Reading includes: a personally written interpretation from me with lucky dates. Love and Romance Reading is for 1 year. $30 CAD