Thunder Bay Ghosts and the X-files-Paranormal


There are many ghost stories,  unexplained events and UFO sightings in the Thunder Bay area. Paranormal Thunder Bay ghosts and the X-files. My experiences with ghosts and the paranormal began when I was a child in the city of Thunder Bay on the shores of Lake Superior. If you have ever visited here you may have felt a spiritual vibe similar to Sedona, Arizona. Due to the Canadian Shield there is a high level of electromagnetic energy in this location and it has it's own special energy. This area is believed to be a vortex similar to the Bermuda triangle  Over the years I have seen objects fly across the room on their own accord, and have experienced many strange events that defy logic. Quite fantastic really, but some things just can't be explained. I have smelled spirits, heard them (sometimes calling me by name), felt them touch me, and have seen mists and energy manifest right before my eyes. Are these energies Angels, Souls or Spirit?​ 

Thunder Bay's haunted locations  are abundant and over the years I have investigated many of them. This was a time before the term Ghost Hunter became popular but I suppose that was what I was doing. The Lake Superior area is active with paranormal activity and is part of the Great Lakes triangle. When I was twenty one, I was at an old silver mine in a building that had been abandoned for over 50 years. Built originally in the 1870's to house the miners, it had recently been purchased destined for renovations.​ The new owners invited me to stay for the weekend. My lodgings were on the third floor and try as I might I just could not get to sleep as I have always been a chronic insomniac. Lying there around 2 AM I started to feel a funny sensation like I was being watched.

​That's when I looked up and saw not one but two full body apparitions, sitting up on the beams, looking right at me and then talking to each other. They looked like men dressed as miners from the 1800's, only I could see right through them. They were looking at me, then talking to each other, then looking at me, I was in shock as obviously they were talking about ​me. "Gobsmacked" I couldn't believe my eyes! Thank goodness I could not hear what they were saying, it was such a shock to my system I don't know if I could have handled hearing them as well at that time. It was more than enough just to see them, I was just stunned and mesmerized. I wasn't afraid, more like I was captivated in a flurry of mixed emotions. I must admit, ​I got quite a rush from the whole experience. This was the first time I saw an apparition that vividly resembled a person and it was one of the most mind bending experiences of my life but certainly not the last. This is a part of me that I have kept secret until a few years ago as I didn't want people to think I was even more weird. But this is who I am, like it or not, I have to be true to myself.

​To the skeptics, I know it's easy to say "ghosts, spirits and angels don't exist", but you really are kidding yourself. I know what I saw. When and if something unexplained happens to you and this reality sinks in, it will change your perspective on life and death forever. After all, SEEING IS BELIEVING. After that incredible night so long ago, I have learned to embrace my special gift and seek out as much knowledge as possible on the unknown. Perhaps through the efforts of professional ​paranormal investigators like Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures additional evidence will be captured to sway mainstream societies beliefs. Anything ispossible. I sure would love to investigate with these guys, Zak and I share several of the same astrological aspects. Check out Zak Bagans Birth Chart and find out if he can really see ghosts..

​I know I have a gift for sensing spirits and have a keen intuition; I have been this way since I was a little girl. I too have seen ghosts and have experienced things that are not logical. It freaked me out so bad when I was younger I turned (my radar) off for a long time.  Over the years my sense has kept getting stronger so I decided to turn on my radar again. A few years ago, I lost my parents and I had several incredible paranormal experiences communicating with them. I decided at that point to go with the flow and it was like the floodgates opened. It is like being struck by lightning when one realizes ghosts DO exist... I think it takes a special kind of person to accept this reality and to have the courage to say you believe it. Sadly so many people then think anyone saying such a thing must be nuts.  I have lost friends over it, through the years but too bad, this is who I am. My ability is something I hope to continually develop further. I am someone who understands that there are things in this world that cannot be scientifically explained…yet.

Spirits, Ghosts and the Paranormal

Spirits, ghosts and the paranormal are supernatural or metaphysical energy or phenomenon. The other side, spirits, ghosts and all things that go bump in the night have fascinated me since I was a little girl. What is a spirit? I believe that our spirit or soul is made of ever lasting energy that goes on after we have crossed over to the other side. Spirit energy can manifest around us into a apparition or ghost and is able to interact with our world from the other side. I think the other side is another dimension of time and space we can detect through sense as well as feelings. Many of our lost loved ones and friends are here in a spirit form with us all the time as angels or spirit guides to help us. Love is eternal and knows no boundaries. ​But let me tell you a little more about me.

My birth was an extremely difficult one, the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck, and in fact I almost didn't live. This resulted in a near death experience that I believe opened a door and since I was a small child, I knew I was different. I was just fascinated with Astrology, the Occult, paranormal, ESP, telepathy, angels, spirits, ghosts, legends, myths and mythology. Basically all things unexplained including UFOs. It was the 1960's when new age pursuits were all the rage and metaphysical items were pretty much everywhere.


As I said, I knew I was different, while the other girls were playing with their Barbie's, I was participating in adult conversations about ESP, Astral Projection, Spiritualism, Angels and the possibility of an afterlife. I practiced with Psychic cards, gazed into crystal balls, attended Séance's, experimented with Hypnotic wheels & Ouija boards, (that is until mom didn't like what the Ouija had to say anymore and I was assigned the task of setting it ablaze in the backyard, armed with a can of lighter fluid and a match). Now that was a Kodak moment if ever there was one. Once I was a little older, I read all I could on ESP, all things unexplained, the mysterious, angels, messages from the spirit and the supernatural.

I had an extremely unconventional childhood and most of the other kids picked on me terrible because I was different and weird to them. I have ESP or psychic abilities and all my life have had vivid colorful dreams that frequently come true. That was only the beginning. I have always been 'Intuitive', I just know things sometimes before they happen, the idea just 'pops' into my head, or I hear my 'little voice' as I like to call it and it has served me well. Other times it is as simple as a touch from another person and I get a psychic impression like a picture in my head. I know things before they happen like one time I was travelling and realized something was very wrong at home. When I finally got there I knew instantly my house sitter left the door unlocked and I walked right in amazing my husband. I knew a week before Kate Middleton gave birth to the little prince that she would have a boy. Another time, I gave someone a gift who had just announced she was pregnant. When I handed her the plush toy for her baby to come and our hands touched, I suddenly knew she would lose that baby and she did, less than a week later. At a seminar with Psychic Medium Colette Baron-Reid, she commented that I was powerful and also gifted.

I am also 'sensitive' like a Psychic medium, meaning I sense Spirits or ghosts, some would call them Angels. I am sure many of you believe you have a Guardian Angel. I know I have one that saved my life a couple of times. I believe for the most part the spirit is here to deliver a message or warn us, not to frighten or harm. If they had no reason to harm you in life, there is no reason to believe they would harm you from the afterlife.  In a recent interesting conversation with the esteemed Astrologer and author Richard Nolle, who coined the term Super Moon, we agreed that such things do indeed exist but remain unproven. My quest for the truth continues.

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The Other Side and UFO's

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