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Tarot Cards 

Tarot Cards.Tarot Cards are tools of divination. Tarot Cards are thought to originate in Ancient Egypt and have been used for centuries for divination and to predict ones future. It is believed that the Knight's Templar brought Tarot Cards back to Europe after the crusades. There are 78 Tarot Cards in a Tarot deck including Major and Minor Arcana. Each Card in the Tarot symbolizes your journey through life with all the highs and lows along the way. Tarot Cards are a good place to start if you have been curious about a Psychic Tarot Card Reading.

With Tarot Cards, I connect with Spirit and they help me tell you what you need to know as well as answer your questions in a general, mystical and spiritual way. Magically, Tarot Cards tend to have a life of their own and can deliver a special message when one pops out of the deck while you are shuffling. What will the Cards have to say to you?

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