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Psychic Readings 2017 

Psychic Readings 2017, Psychic Reading 2017, Psychic Photo Reading 2017, Psychic Email Readings 2017, Psychic Card Reading 2017, Online Psychic Readings 2017, Online Tarot, Online Angel Card Readings 2017,Crystals, Best Career, LoveOnline Tarot Readings include a picture of your cards I draw for you as well as my predictions about your situation. Email Psychic Readings are usually delivered in a few days. Often when I do a Psychic Reading, I pick up an extra Psychic impression, Spiritual message, Spirit Animal Guide or message from the other side for you. If I do, I will include it in your Reading. ​I am Psychic Lisa Paron, ask me about your future and I will gaze into my Crystal Ball. Yes, I do use a Crystal Ball in this Reading. Purchase a Psychic Email Reading Below. Ask 1 Question for $32.50 CAD ($25 US) or 2 Questions for $65 CAD ($50 US). You can send me a photo of your face if you would like me to connect to your spiritual path deeper. During a Psychic Reading I use ancient tools of divination including a variety of Crystal Gemstones and my Clear Quartz Crystal Ball.

Do you have a special Question about your personal life, career, love life or about the future? Psychic Readings with me can give you sound spiritual advice quickly in only a few days. I do not have to see you in person to connect with you, I connect remotely and can tune in to you anywhere in the world. I can give you insight, reveal blockages, deliver guidance in a gentle and compassionate way using my Psychic abilities. Answer questions like: What is my best career or life purpose? What do I need to know about a situation? Is he or she the one? When will I meet my soulmate? How can I improve my relationship with my spouse? What do I need to know to improve my health?  I am spiritually sensitive, empathic and gentle. 

My Psychic abilities include Medium, prophecy, clairvoyance and clairaudience. I call these special gifts, my little voice. I have a strong spiritual connection with people and animals which began when I started to see energy fields, orbs and spirits as a child. I have practiced many methods of divination to develop my ESP, Psychic and Clairvoyant abilities. I do not have to be with you in person to connect with you and give you guidance. I can connect remotely and have international clients who are repeat customers. Global and worldwide, I can tune in to you anywhere in the world for a spiritual reading. My spiritual intuitive connection is a facet of my life where I feel even more alive, let me be your light. 

Accurate Predictions I made so far during 2015-2017.

All my Predictions can been seen with the dates originally posted on my social media profiles on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and my Blog. Numerous explosions, wild weather and terrorist activities around the world. ​​2017 Oscar Prediction Emma Stone to win Best Actress at the 89th Academy Awards. 2016-Donald Trump displaying aggressive traits around the 3 Eclipse's on August 16th 2016 when he suggested a sinister act from the NRA, September 1st with unusual acts of suddenly flying to Mexico City and more anger issues on the September 16th Lunar Eclipse. I predicted the Pittsburgh Penguins to win the 2016 Stanley Cup, Leonardo DiCaprio  to win the Oscar for Best Actor. Johnny Depp to win or come out on top in his divorce. I believe it will cost Amber Heard more than she has gained. Johnny will be found innocent of her allegations. In 2015, Kate Middleton to have a girl and name her DianaJustin Trudeau  to become Prime Minister of Canada, The Kansas City Royals  to win the World Series 2015. 

What does your future hold?​ Find out with a Card Reading or Ask a Psychic a Question or 2.